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Our Top Commercial Picks from the Big Game

Now that sunday’s big game is over, people around the world are getting back to work after calling in “sick” on monday. Patriot fans rejoice while falcon fans begin the first stage of the healing process (just let it all out). Office chatter for the next few days will consist of reviews of the game’s big plays, play calling, and of course, the commercials.

Our office was no different. We spent the morning arguing over the calls, our love and hate for tom brady, and which commercials we’ve already re-watched on youtube twenty times. So today I decided that I’m going to share some of the keymedia solutions top commercial picks from the big game.

We’ll start with my favorite. We had some people over to our house to watch the game and when mr. Clean started putting on the moves during this commercial, I thought I was going to have to tell the kids in the room to cover their eyes.

You gotta love a man who cleans

But you were the one sitting on a wall
I think tobaria is channeling every atlanta falcons fan as they try and put themselves back together after sunday’s tough loss with his pick b2b phone lists for best commercial. I mean really, 31 unanswered point? Talk about falling apart. But this turbo tax commercial reminds us that there’s hope out there.

Nolan’s favorite commercial featured melissa mccarthy trying to save the world. The kia niro car commercial wants you to save the environment by driving an eco hybrid vehicle. Nolan’s been calling himself an “eco-warrior” all week and we’re still not exactly sure what he’s talking about.

Who knew customer service could be so… satisfying? Jess’s pick for best commercial comes from t-mobile’s #nsfwireless campaign. With the new 50 shades movie coming out soon, t-mobile brought a little bit of cringe and a whole lot of laughter to the big game. Is it getting hot in here.

Travis’s pick for best commercial comes to us courtesy of 84 lumber

As a mother and daughter begin their India Lead journey to find a better life, they have to overcome extreme obstacles. No, I’m not crying… I just have something in my eye. Whether you laughed, cried, or rolled your eyes at this year’s big game commercials, they should supply your office with enough water cooler discussion topics for at least a little while. What were your favorite commercials? Visit our social media pages and let us know which commercial had you running to the computer to watch again.

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