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Improve Your Recruiting Success with Digital Tools

Many of our clients are facing the same challenge right now – regardless of the industry, geographic location, or economy. Hiring qualified people to fill the growing list of open positions.

Over the course of the last year, I have been working with many businesses to expand their recruitment efforts in innovative and unexpected ways. Testing platforms, messages, landing pages, and copy to become more competitive in their recruitment efforts and land better qualified applicants. While it has not been a fast, or easy process, we have gleaned a few nuggets that have improved the overall success.

Understand your workforce

Talk to your colleagues and employees and find out what they love most about the job.
Go to glassdoor’s reviews and look at phone number list what people in the position you’re hiring for are complaining about in the “cons” section. When I did this for a position I often have difficulty filling, I was able to see that culture and opportunities for growth were the biggest areas in recruiting talent to keymedia solutions.
Do they have common interests (outside of the job) such as nascar or knitting? Are they in a similar life stage; young and single, or married with children? Do they have a shared passion for craft beer? Use survey monkey to poll your team and analyze the results.

What motivates themMoney Opportunity to advance

Respect? While this information may not come out in a typical survey, try using assessments such as a disc type of assessment upon hire. Not only India Lead will this give you insights to the individual motivation, but how to best communicate with each team member.
Take everything you’ve learned and make that the focus of your recruiting campaign. Include facts, benefits, and opportunities that will grab their attention and appeal to their interests. For us, leading with culture and professional development are key motivators on why a candidate should choose us over the other offers. That is the lead statement in our job posts.

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