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Employee Advocacy programs another time

However, it is worth emphasizing that a good Employee Advocacy program is one that teaches, ucates and supports employees in advocacy of their company in a much wider field. Only when communication is both online and offline can we start talking about real Employee Advocacy. Employee Advocacy is Employer Branding, which is bas on the Personal Brand of engag employees. The popularity of Employer Branding has been going on for several years. When the slogan Employee Advocacy also appear, there was a bit of confusion about what is what. Employee Advocacy is something much broader than other activities such as EB.

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In its activities, it focuses very much on building the employer brand, but the focus is on personal brands. Strong poppies that authenticate the message that comes from Employer Branding programs. The second stream of Employee Advocacy’s activities is also the fact that it is human nature to want to find out how others are doing. We are much more  interest in what Kowalski has to say about his work, challenges or recent difficulties with clients, than his employer, who finally only boasts about whatsapp mobile number list the final results. Publications of specific people seem to us more crible and interesting. This form of communication, which comes from the employees, also gives food for thought, builds emotions and interests the recipients. We subconsciously trust it to be true.

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What are the benefits of implementing the Employee Advocacy program? Building cribility. If you are dissatisfi with your own work, will you publicly praise it? I don’t think so. Similarly, if you do not believe in the India Lead company’s products and services. By becoming a company ambassador, an employee signs his or her own name under a given publication. Such statements are therefore automatically more crible. Employee engagement. I will write more about how to build What is important though.

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