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LinkIn will display your profile to its audience in their default language (which they use). You decide which language will be display as the main one. For example, if your profile is display by a recruiter from France, and you have such an additional language in your profile, he will see the profile in French. For you, it is an additional chance to reach recruiters or contractors from other countries. If you work in several markets or your audience is from many countries, it is worth doing this work. Set your language profile as the main language in which your audience communicates most often.

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Maybe you are looking for a job in another country, as well as want to show yourself to recruiters from abroad? Select the appropriate language. Profile in another language step by step. In the upper right corner, click on the globe and select the option to add a profile in another language Select the languages ​​in which you will build your profile phone number list and select the language of the profile from the drop-down list Update your name ( if you use foreign forms, first name) Enter the headline in the select from your profile Create a profile and build the image of a professional on the international market These two minor changes are a good step towards building a professional profile.

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I encourage you to set them at the beginning and to use your URL to communicate with your audience. These small changes will significantly improve your position on LinkIn, as well as affect the professional reception of your profile. Have you read the previous posts inthe Professional LinkIn Profile series ? sbuzzcenter.plwyznacz swoj cel na linkin sbuzzcenter. plprofesjonalny India Lead profi linkin plan sbuzzcenter. plzdjecie profilowe linkin Remember, you can write to us and consult specific elements of the profile.

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