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What are the 11 call to action options included in these new call to action buttons? This feature of company pages will allow professionals. Businesses or brands to incorporate useful call-to-action functions into their Facebook accounts. This is an ideal option for the tourism and hospitality world. That is. It gives us the possibility of adding a button to our cover photo that makes it easier for our fans to carry out a series of specific actions. According to the needs of the social media marketing strategy

Call-to-action buttons

Of our business on this social top people data platform (in addition. It gives you I recommend reading: The Facebook Ads guide ). Example of a call to action → Buy button on Facebook How to Add a Buy Button on Facebook? Facebook’s 11 call-to-action buttons 1. Reserve: Invite your fans or potential clients to book a plane ticket (in the case of a travel agency). A room in a hotel, hostel, rural house or tourist apartment, a table in a restaurant or bar, etc. This is an ideal option for the tourism and hospitality world.

Buy button on Facebook

Call: Here it allows you to enter a India Lead phone number so that your fans can call you whenever they need it. Contact us: If you want to maintain better contact with your followers. Here they will have the possibility to send you messages or ask you questions about your products or services.  Send message: This option redirects your fans directly to the messaging inbox of the same platform so they can contact you. Use app: Give your fans and potential clients the opportunity to download and test your application or mobile app.

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