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What is an electronic document?

An electronic document is nothing other than one that is written in electronic format and that incorporates data that is signed Therefore,electronically (public documents signed electronically by officials of the Administration – secretary of a City Council, Judge, Notary, etc. – or private documents) . It is indisputable that the medium (a laptop, a pendrive, a . Therefore,USB memory, a mobile phone, etc.Therefore,  On which the electronically signed data is found will be admissible as .  Documentary evidence in a possible trial.

In the event that the handwritten

Signature of a paper document is challenged, it will be necessary to prove that this signature .  Does not correspond to the person who appears on the contract or in its .  Pre-signature . To do this we will need a report from a handwriting expert who will rule on whether the signature corresponds to the person who top industry data appears on the contract. It will be the judge .  Who finally decides in view of all the evidence provided. Well. With electronic documents, signed electronically, something very .  Similar happens . Therefore,If the authenticity of that recognized electronic signature is challenged, it will be verified that the certification . Service provider, which issues the electronic certificates, meets all the . Therefore, Requirements established by law regarding the guarantee of the services it provides in. 

What is an advanced electronic signature?

The advanced electronic signature is one that is linked to the signatory in a unique way and allows the identification . Therefore, Of the same , as well as detecting any subsequent India Lead changes to the signed data, and that has been created by means that the signatory can maintain under its exclusive control. (Signaturit offers precisely this type of signature, with all the necessary guarantees and respecting the regulations in question) A clear example of an advanced .  Therefore,Therefore,Electronic signature would be the digital signature based on asymmetric cryptography, which consists of the following:

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