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What does a japanese phone number look like

In Japan, phone numbers consist of 10 digits and follow a specific format. The first three digits represent the area code. While the last seven digits are the unique subscriber number.

The area code is also known as the city code or regional code. And is assigned to a specific geographic region in Japan. There are different area codes for different regions, and each area code corresponds to a specific city or group of cities. For example, the area code for Tokyo is 03, while the area code for Osaka is 06.

The subscriber number is a unique seven-digit number that identifies the specific phone line. It is assigned by the telecom company to each individual phone line in Japan.

When written out Japanese phone

Numbers are typically separated into three parts: the area code. Bahrain Mobile Number List the first three digits of the subscriber number, and the last four digits of the subscriber number. For example, a phone number in Tokyo might be written as “03-1234-5678”.

It’s worth noting that while most Japanese phone numbers follow this format, there are some exceptions. For example, some mobile phone numbers in Japan may not include an area code, and some special phone numbers may have different formats altogether.

In addition to the standard

Phone Number List

Phone number format, there are also some special phone numbers in Japan that serve specific purposes. Here are a few examples

Emergency services (similar to 911 in the United States)119: Fire department and ambulance services104: Telephone directory assistance0570: “Navi Dial” services for businesses and organizations0120: Toll-free numbers (similar to 1-800 numbers in the United States)080: Mobile phone numbers

When dialing a Japanese phone number from outside of Japan India Lead you will need to include the country code for Japan, which is +81. This is followed by the area code and subscriber number, as described above. For example, if you were trying to call the Tokyo number listed above from the United States, you would dial +81-3-1234-5678.

Overall Japanese phone numbers are fairly straightforward once. You understand the format. Whether you’re calling within Japan or from abroad. Knowing how to read and write Japanese phone numbers can make communication much easier.

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