How to add phone number in olx ad

Adding a phone number to your OLX ad can be a great way to make. It easier for potential buyers to Get in touch with you. Here are some steps you can follow to add your phone number to an OLX ad.

Log in to your OLX account First you need to log in to your OLX account. If you don’t have an account yet can create one by visiting the OLX website and following the prompts.

Go to your ad Once you are logged in go to the ad that. You want to add your phone number to. Edit your ad: Click on the button to edit your ad.

Add your phone number

In the “Contact Information” section of the ad you can add your phone number. You can also add other contact information such as your email address or social media handles. Make sure to double-check that the phone number you entered is correct and working.

Save your changes: Once you have added your phone number Philippines Mobile Number List make sure to save your changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

Preview your ad: Before publishing your ad, preview it to make sure that everything looks good. Check to make sure that your phone number is visible and that it is easy to find.

Publish your ad If everything

Phone Number List

Looks good go ahead and publish your ad. Your phone number will now be visible to potential buyers who are interested in your item.

When adding your phone number to an OLX ad, it is important to keep in mind that you should only provide a phone number that you are comfortable sharing with strangers. You may want to India Lead consider using a separate phone number or a messaging app to communicate with potential buyers, rather than giving out your personal phone number. Additionally, be cautious of scammers and be sure to take steps to protect your personal information when buying or selling online.

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