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Implement multichannel sales

Implement multichannel Linking Plugins you can use various plugins to automate internal linking. For example on this blog I have a simple related posts slider plugin which displays links to images of other posts with the same tag or published in the same category in the form of a slider. You will definitely find a lot of these plugins. Another plugin I use is . Here I define which phrases should automatically link to which articles in case I forget. Links from categories Whether you run a blog, online store or news website you should have category. Not only to make it easier for users to browse but also to make it easier to reach them. Imagine I have a blog with multiple posts but no categories.

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To access years ago you have to click through many pages. Implement multichannel If there were categories the situation would be completely different. For example, the optimization category Photo Retouching where I published this article only has articles. This page shows articles which means the oldest article in this category is on the second page. To access older content you only need clicks from the homepage. Of course this also helps Google bots find the material. Linking with Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs are so-called breadcrumbs which are a type of navigation that allow users to understand where they are currently in the structure of the website.

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This improves linking to categories that can also be targeted and also increases functionality for users. In the plugin these settings can be found in: Search Engine Breadcrumbs. Sometimes you need to edit the template to make the breadcrumbs visible. Additionally India Lead if you apply structured data to breadcrumbs you may gain additional recognition in search results. Disabling indexing of low-quality sites You can safely disable the indexing of sites that may be considered to be of poor quality, such as archives of category tags and dates, so that the robot does not waste resources and instead focuses on indexing the most important subpages.

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