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From strategy to action

The implementation of the strategy is one of the critical points in the marketing of any company. It is something that I live day by day in my digital marketing mentorships and that we work with greater care. In this time reflecting on implementation problems in marketing I have gone through several phases. From the one where the market trend pushes us, to the current one. That is, from focusing on the most tactical and technical issues of implementation, to realizing that the biggest problem is of substance and not of form. In recent months I have written a lot about the subject, but recently I had the opportunity to talk about it at a conference organized by Difraxion (a friendly Mexican agency). These are the basic articles, along with many other things I added exclusively for the conference:

Companies see a marketing strategy as necessary, but they do not know what it is or what it is for

It is curious to see how the majority of company managers consider that strategy is essential for achieving the company’s objectives, but few dedicate the time and people necessary to define and implement it. We assume that few know what a marketing strategy is . We do not have the budget to reach our entire audience. WE NEED category email list a plan This is another overwhelming fact. To begin with, companies have a limited marketing budget. Which makes it impossible, already difficult, to impact and convince your entire audience . Managing expectations and deadlines needed to make marketing work

What is the best digital marketing strategy for an SME ?

This is one of the million dollar questions. And of course it has a different answer depending on the case . But it is true that there is a base strategic structure that we can apply. In the conference I give several examples on how to apply this to an SME with a limited budget. Work from the inside out and from less to more Another of the “truths of marketing”. Without India Lead posing too conservative scenarios, we must follow this rule if we want to have a correct implementation. When the need to sell is overwhelming, the temptation is to launch as many marketing actions as possible, but the reality is that this poorly organized impulse generates bad results, inefficiencies, bad brand image, etc.

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