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Choose your best pieces to syndicate

key tips and best practices for syncing your content marketer’s guide to content syndication: key tips and best practices for content synchronization wherever you are distributing your content. It’s a good idea to follow these tips and best practices. 1: choose your best pieces don’t try to syndicate every single piece you post on your blog – as well as potentially causing problems with google. It’s unlikely to be a good return on your time invest. Instead. Choose your best pieces to syndicate: those that have already proven popular or successful.

Tweeting a link to your mium post could

 You might also want to consider which email List pieces will work best for audiences who are likely not already familiar with your brand. 2: promote syndicat content on your site or network while it may be tempting to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. It is important to promote your syndicat content on your own site or network. This way. You will be able to help her gather momentum. For example. Tweeting a link to your mium post could mean more people “clap” your post. Making it more visible on the platform.

You might also link to other pieces

 Sharing a link to your linkin pulse post can encourage people to “like” you. Making it more India Lead visible again. 3: include links to your blog and/or other summary content when producing a syndicat piece. Make sure it links (where appropriate!) to other posts on your blog – this can be a great way to drive more traffic to your site. You might also link to other pieces you’ve syndicat on a specific platform. To help build a stronger bond with casual readers. Links within syndicat pieces will often be nofollow rather than dofollow… but.

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