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Why Run Fb Ads For Your Shopee Shop

With over 1.93 billion “daily” active users , Facebook is one of the largest social media networks. But the biggest advantage of Facebook advertising is that it is highly customizable and flexible. You can target users based on their age, gender, location, and even their interests and beliefs. This can reach customers at different stages of the sales funnel, and even outside the Shopee community, resulting in increased traffic to your store.

Facebook ad targeting is unmatched. But here’s the thing: How do you know if the traffic generated is from the ads you’re running?

This is where CPAs will come in handy

“Driving traffic to your Shopee and Lazada stores without CPAS is like throwing your money anywhere. The only data you get from your Ads Manager is clicks and how much they cost ”, says Jheng Alvarez, Facebook Ads specialist from LeadGenify Solutions .

But with Facebook Collaborative Ads, you can track sales coming from your Facebook Ads.

For example, Jheng can accurately measure the ROI of its clients. With just Php25,000 spent on advertising they were able to generate Php317,500 in sales. That’s a 12.45% return!

And it gets even better because phone number list now you can do it inside the reseller center.

Here are other benefits that you can enjoy when using Facebook Collaborative Ads on Shopee:

Tracking with data

Shopee does not allow third-party data advertising pixels. Data ad pixels are code snippets that collect data on websites. However, with CPA, you can benefit from having conversion data tracking as CPAS Ads are shared via Shopee pixel data.

Dynamic Ads

CPAS ADs are displayed dynamically based

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Optimized for conversions

Other ad types require a link in the product feed to go directly to the Shopee app. This is not required with CPAS ads. When a India Lead user clicks on an ad, they are immediately redirected to the product page on the Shopee app or Shopee website, and they can complete their transaction on the spot.

Audience retargeting

The sweetest benefit of using CPAS ads is that you can retarget specific audiences as long as they have interacted with your ads before.

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