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What do japanese phone numbers look like

Japanese phone numbers follow a specific format consisting of an area code, an exchange code, and a subscriber number. The country code for Japan is +81, which is followed by the area code. The area code is three digits and identifies a specific region or city in Japan. The exchange code is four digits and identifies the specific exchange within the region or city. Finally, the subscriber number is usually seven digits long and identifies the individual phone line.

For example, a phone number for Tokyo would be written as +81-3-1234-5678. In this example, 81 is the country code for Japan, 3 is the area code for Tokyo, 1234 is the exchange code for a specific exchange in Tokyo, and 5678 is the subscriber number for a specific phone line.

One important thing to note is that

phone numbers in Japan are often written in a different format than what is used for international calls. When making a domestic call within Japan. Armenia Mobile Number List  area code is often written in parentheses and the exchange code and subscriber number are written together. For example, the same Tokyo phone number would be written as (03)1234-5678.

In addition to the standard format for phone numbers, there are also special phone numbers in Japan that are used for specific purposes. These include:

Emergency numbers: In Japan, the emergency number is 110 for police and 119 for fire and ambulance services. These numbers can be dialed for free from any phone in Japan.

Toll-free numbers: Toll-free numbers in Japan begin with 0120 or 0800 and are used by businesses and organizations to allow customers to call them for free.

Premium-rate numbers in Japan

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Begin with 0570 or 0990 and are used for services such as phone voting or phone-based games. These numbers charge a higher rate than standard phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers: Virtual phone numbers are used by businesses to have a local presence in a specific region of Japan without actually India Lead having a physical office there. These numbers can be dialed from anywhere in Japan but are answered by a call center in a different location.

Short codest codes are four- or five-digit numbers used for specific services such as voting, information services, or mobile content. These codes are often advertised in TV commercials or on billboards, and are used by consumers to access specific services quickly and easily.

Overall, Japanese phone numbers follow a specific format consisting of a country code, area code, exchange code, and subscriber number.

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