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LEGO boasts more than 300 new features for this Christmas with collections

LEGO boasts Group is already preparing for the 2022 Christmas campaign and has set out to reach more boys and girls than ever. And this year, the company has celebrated its 90th anniversary , more than nine decades fulfilling the objective of bringing learning through creative play to more and more boys and girls. Imagination, creativity and skill come together in the more than 300 new features that LEGO proposes this year. Characterized by a great diversity of themes that fulfill the purpose of every boy or girl finding their ideal toy. 

Notable collaborations with iconic brands

To achieve this, LEGO enters top industry data the 2022 Christmas campaign with a catalog that will excite its followers and win over new fans. And the LEGO Group portfolio continues to emphasize diversity, one of the main values of the brand that seeks to identify and touch all the interests of an increasingly heterogeneous audience, regardless of their origin, age, sex or condition. A successful strategy that has led the Group during the first half of 2022 to increase its consumer sales by 17% compared to the same period in 2021.

Great news from the 2022 catalog

The first of the lines that children India Lead like the most is LEGO City , an entire universe dedicated to recreating a city in which boys and girls can enhance their creativity and imagination through role-playing. In addition, it is complemented by LEGO City Stuntz , the collection that expands the LEGO City universe, bringing to the game roles and dynamics that are experienced in real urban space. And it incorporates motorized stunt shows into this universe, offering boys and girls over 5 years old to fantasize about action and adventure. 

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