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Is Your Audience Cutting the Cable Cord

The explosion of online streaming services like netflix, hulu, and others. Have created a challenge for online marketers looking to target. The audience who have said no to cable. However, a service called programmatic. Tv is slowly being introduced as a new way to effectively. Reach audiences that may have previously been off limits.

Before we define programmatic tv, we need to first understand how advertisements are currently being purchased through traditional tv advertising. Tv advertising today focuses on trying to reach an audience demographic based on tv panel data of select households. Tv planners identify the shows with the highest gross rating point(grp) and then book the show with the best price/cost ratio.

Understanding programmatic tv

This system of ad buying may have worked well in the past, but the introduction of online streaming brought with it new challenges. Online streaming reduced the number of people watching cable television and increased the call lists for sale amount of data collected on target audiences.

Here are two examples of how programmatic tv changes the traditional ad buying process. First, programmatic tv allows marketers to automate the buying and booking process. This minimizes the need to manually touch bookings which decreases spending costs.

Second, programmatic tv analyzes data far beyond the standard target demographics of traditional panel data. Instead of using information from a few thousand tv panel households, programmatic tv utilizes data of millions of households, allowing for more detailed audience targeting.

Simply put programmatic tv is a new tactic in the advertising world that

Helps businesses build brand awareness India Lead by reaching an audience who doesn’t pay for cable. We call these people “cable cutters.” this process identifies certain networks and paid viewing subscriptions and allows you to pick and choose some networks or paid subscriptions to place your ad in their programming. For example, if you wanted to reach families with small children, you could target sling tv’s selection of family friendly programming. While if you wanted to reach a large demographic of college males, you can target sling tv’s sports channels.

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