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How To Do Product List Optimization

Talking about product listings to anyone in the eCommerce industry is easy.

Optimizing product listings and actually getting no results.

Even though eCommerce is conventional and competition is fierce, most sellers and brands are still leaving money on the table because they don’t know how to optimize their product listing pages.

Case in point: On some brands with multiple SKUs, you’ll find product listings in eCommerce with copied content, misspellings, and a lack of proper promotion of product features and benefits.

This can damage its brand image and sales

But before we get into that…Product listing optimization is a process that can help a product rank high in search results. If you do it right, it can lead to higher traffic and conversions.

Important Elements in Product Listing
It’s really hard to optimize something you don’t understand. So, before proceeding, let’s have a look…

Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers Newborn 40 x 2 packs (80 diapers) – (Up to 5kg)

Product image
Images are the easiest way to attract browsing shoppers. They help people visualize products and help convey color, size, shape, quality and quantity.

Descriptive product images will database also give you an edge, especially if you’re selling in a highly competitive niche. Plus, good images encourage social media sharing, which can help you gather more traffic to your online store.

Descriptive images show various product elements


especially the parts that are important to buyers. For example, the image above illustrates the many colors of the bag and how it looks when worn.

Product description
Product descriptions are where you connect with your customers. This is where you attract buyers and turn them into customers.

85% of consumers conduct online research before making an online purchase, and 76% read product descriptions as part of the research process.

Thus, it is easy to say that product description is one of the most important parts of a product listing.

Product descriptions help reduce India Lead the discrepancy between the product image and the actual product, and therefore (should) promote consistency.

Furthermore, product descriptions in the market work very well in SEO. With more characters allocated, you can use more searchable volume keywords.


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