Dscc pass and id phone number

DSCC Defense Supply Center Columbus) is an agency of the United States. Department of Defense responsible for the acquisition and distribution of materials. And services to support military operations operates out of Columbus. Ohio and serves as the primary source of supply for the Defense Logistics Agency.

DSCC Pass and ID office is responsible for issuing identification cards to personnel requiring access to DSCC facilities. These identification cards serve as a means of verifying identity and authorizing access to restricted areas. The Pass and ID office also provides support services such as processing security clearances, issuing vehicle decals, and registering vehicles.

To contact the DSCC Pass and ID office

Individuals can call the phone number (614) 692-6000. Kenya Mobile Number List  This number can be used to inquire about identification card requirements, schedule appointments for card issuance, and request information about other Pass and ID office services.

When contacting the DSCC Pass and ID office by phone, it is important to have all necessary information ready in order to expedite the process. This includes personal identification documents, such as a government-issued ID card, and any necessary paperwork or documentation required for processing security clearances.

Individuals seeking identification

Phone Number List

Cards should also be aware of the different types of identification cards available and the requirements for each. The CAC serves as both an identification card and an Authentication token for accessing computer systems and networks.

In addition to the CAC, other types of identification India Lead cards available through the Pass and ID office include the Dependent ID Card Retiree ID Card and Contractor ID Card. Each of these cards has specific requirements for issuance, and individuals should check with the Pass and ID office for more information.

Overall, the DSCC Pass and ID office plays a crucial role in maintaining the security and integrity of DSCC facilities. By providing access control services and verifying the identity of personnel accessing restricted areas. The Pass and ID office helps to ensure that DSCC can carry out its mission of providing critical support to military operations.

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